We hosted our first ever verification meetup in San Francisco on Wednesday. General verification was the theme, we will be having more niche themes as the meetups go on, but we thought we’d leave this one broad given that it was our first meetup!

With over 10 people attending, some great conversations were had, most revolving around verification use cases and best practices. An interesting use case that one of the attendees told us about was verifying sign ups’ mobile numbers so that his sales team has a verified number to call – the new sign up must verify their number during sign up, once verified an email is then sent to his sales team with the number and they call all new sign ups within 5 minutes. The attendee said that this has really helped his sales team qualify new sign ups, allowing them to focus on the ones with the most potential and they have seen their revenue growth rate increase significantly since implementing 🙂

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next meetup, we’d love you to join us! If you have any suggestions for themes you’d like to see or would like me to drop you a line when we have a date for our next meetup just email me – donal@ringcaptcha.com!


PS – we’d like to apologize for any sore heads on Thursday morning that RingCaptcha may have helped inflict 😛


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