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True Story: SMS Deliverability Issues with the Rise of MVNOs

According to Microsoft, an incredible 97% of consumers said customer service is somewhat or very important in their choice of,… Continue Reading

How to Successfully Send SMS Over Nigeria’s Do-Not-Disturb (DND) List

Nigerian DND List Did you know that, in 2016, Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) mandated the Telecom operators in Nigeria to… Continue Reading

Finding the Best Routes for Your SMS Traffic

As you may be aware, at RingCaptcha, we use multiple SMS providers to ensure that our customers’ one-time password (OTP)… Continue Reading

True Story: How RingCaptcha’s True Single API Call Saves You From Service Disruption

What happens when your provider has deliverability issues with a carrier? Two weeks ago, Ufone Pakistan announced that they would… Continue Reading

OTP Deliverability: Does Your Provider Do This For You?

Most SMS/voice providers will sell you the impression that sending SMS/voice one-time passwords (OTP), which are used for phone number… Continue Reading

RingCaptcha’s East/West Coast Drink-up

A bunch of RingCaptcha employees will be out and about this month, looking to meet up with customers to chat… Continue Reading


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