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Customer Profile: Salina Cosmetics is an online beauty shop, founded by Zamin Zaidi on May 19, 2011, and based in Pakistan. They offer a variety of organic products such as face masks, body scrub, massage oil and others. The cosmetics company operates in Cash on Delivery across all of Pakistan. Contactability is an essential factor when they’re filling orders, both for order verification and customer satisfaction.

Use Cases

Salina Cosmetics uses Ring Captcha for two use cases: phone verification on checkout and SMS order notifications. Since the company uses a Cash on Delivery (COD) model that’s common in Pakistan, they needed to confirm that the orders are legitimate before sending couriers out to customer locations. Since the customer doesn’t pay until the courier is at the place, they could end up wasting time going to sites that didn’t order any products at all, or that didn’t expect the courier to arrive at all. If the person wasn’t home, they couldn’t offer payment for their beauty products.

SMS notifications proved valuable for sending out texts confirming customer orders and providing shipment notifications. Customers always knew what was going on with their orders so that they would feel valued and properly informed during the process. They would know when to expect their items and have less of a need to directly contact the company for updates.

Business Problems and Challenges

The Cash on Delivery payment method that Salina Cosmetics uses creates several business challenges. Failed delivery and goods returned due to contact unavailability and fake numbers took up a lot of the company’s time, money and other resources.

Manually calling customers for each order took employees away from other important duties and had the drawback of annoying customers. Many people called into their phone lines or reached out on social networks to get updates.

Salina Cosmetics staff members had to handle these customer support inquiries and anyone visiting the social profiles could get the wrong impression about the company. They could run into problems with their reputation when angry messages about missed deliveries or lack of contact showed up on these social networks. In the long-term, these negative reviews could have an impact on the company’s growth rate and cash flow.


RingCaptcha helped Salina Cosmetics by automating their order notifications and verifying phone numbers during the checkout process. The automation reduced the amount of hands-on time employees spent on order processing and update requests. This automated process also opens up the potential of scaling the company without needing to bring on new people at the same hiring rate that it currently uses. The freed-up time gets dedicated to other important activities that are essential for growing this cosmetics company.

Salina Cosmetics could turn their attention to the customers reaching out with more complex problems, improving the customer experience and reducing the chances of bad reviews on social networks. Customer loyalty grows due to this attentive assistance, which helps with building up a steady customer base. It also makes Salina Cosmetics customers feel like they’re valuable to the company.

When Zamin Zaidi, owner of Salina Cosmetics, was asked why they chose RingCaptcha for their SMS notifications and phone verification solutions provider, he had this to say:

“The customer service is just phenomenal, with immediate responses to a complaint and rectification. I have experienced days, even weeks, of delays when dealing with problems with other plugin providers or service providers. In contrast, my experience with RingCaptcha has been extremely refreshing. The plugin works very smoothly, and we’re quite happy with it.”

RingCaptcha fits in with Salina Cosmetics’ current workflow, removing the business processes that were time-consuming for employees and frustrating for customers. This solution smoothed out many friction points associated with the Cash on Delivery process, and ensured that employees and customers alike are satisfied.


After implementing RingCaptcha, Salina Cosmetics saw the following benefits from this solution.

They had 200 orders come through in the last month, so that equals 200 phone verifications they didn’t need to perform manually. Out of these orders, 83 percent had verified phone numbers. The company didn’t waste resources delivering products to the other 17 percent, which had fake or inaccurate phone information available.

The customers received 235 SMS notifications, which reduced the customer support requests through phone and social media platforms. This automated system freed up employee time to make deliveries, work on new products, reach new customers and many other business tasks.

Salina Cosmetics’ order return rate dropped from 9 percent to 1 percent after deploying the RingCaptcha solution. They didn’t have to take the time to process returns or deal with any other overhead activities related to this workflow. They also reduced the risks of employees getting into confrontations with people who claimed they never ordered the products or never intended to pay for their orders at all.

The productivity improvements for employees meant that their time wasn’t taken up with a high volume of mundane requests concerning order status and deliveries. Customer service staff could handle the outlier cases that required dedicated human attention, while the automated SMS notifications covered everyone else.


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