Articles written by John

The Blacklist – Stopping Bots and Fraud From Costing You Money

Last week, we posted an article on our research into companies with two-factor authentication (2FA) processes that are often bypassed using… Continue Reading

Are Disposable Phone Numbers Bypassing Your 2FA?

Recently, more and more platforms have been adopting two-factor authentication (2FA) to reduce fraud, with SMS two-factor authentication being the… Continue Reading

Improving User Verification Processes: Verification Hiccups and Smart Solutions

Verifying users’ phone numbers during on-boarding secures your user base, reduces fraud, and limits duplicate signups. Properly verifying users is… Continue Reading

Passwords Done Right: Getting The Protection You Need

Passwords: they can be a pain to remember. A password, like anything, is only as strong as its ability to… Continue Reading


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