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Top 5 Responses That You Don’t Want to Hear From Your SMS Provider Customer Support

Companies in sharing economy (ride-sharing, food/grocery delivery, etc.), fintech (micro-lending, cryptocurrency, etc.), marketplace, e-commerce, and social network relies on SMS… Continue Reading

True Story: How 2nd SMS OTP, alternative SMS providers, and alternative voice OTP improve reliable user onboarding

The Use of One-time Password/PIN (OTP) and two-factor authentication (2FA) Phone verification involves sending a one-time PIN/password (OTP) to a… Continue Reading

2FA Blame Game: Are Other 2FAs More Secure Than SMS/Voice OTP 2FA?

Recent news headlines have made security-conscious companies increasingly wary of providing two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS/voice. Yet while SMS/voice 2FA… Continue Reading

Instagram Security Update: The Right Balance of 2FA Security In Multi-stakeholder Business

Popular image-based social media site Instagram recently announced several security upgrades including compatibility with third-party authentication services that allows for… Continue Reading

The True Value Of 2FA Phone Verification (And Why You Need It Now)

Online marketplaces such as Mercari and Carousell, online dating apps like Tinder, and “sharing economy” giants like Uber all have… Continue Reading

You Are Overpaying Your Cheap 2FA One-time PIN (OTP) Phone Verification Provider

What Constitutes 2FA OTP Phone Verification Cost? RingCaptcha is not the ‘cheapest’ phone identity and voice/SMS verification provider price-wise, when you… Continue Reading


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