RingCaptcha’s SMS Gateway Improved Scripted’s First-Time Customer Satisfaction by 49%. How you ask? Listen up now…

Company: Scripted

Scope: International

Website: https://www.scripted.com

Business: Content Marketplace


Scripted is a powerful content marketing platform that connects businesses with its pool of experienced, vetted writers. This content creation company has services for businesses of every size as well as for marketing agencies. Scripted offers an innovative content creation platform with cutting-edge features and other functionalities that set it apart from its competition and foster a collaborative environment between clients and writers.

Scripted needed a top-rated customer experience to live up to the expectations set by an industry-leading content creation platform. The company especially needed to succeed at making a favorable first impression on clients new to the platform.

Business Problem/Challenge:

Despite the success of Scripted’s content, customer satisfaction surveys indicated that the window of time offered to review content left something to be desired. The clients sometimes ended up with content that didn’t fit their needs but that could have been corrected during the revision process.

Scripted’s content creation workflow gives customers five days to look at the first draft once the writer submits the piece and a Scripted editor reviews it. During this period, clients can request further edits and changes to bring the content in line with their vision.

After five days, Scripted assumes that the customer is happy with the content. The piece is automatically accepted, and clients can’t request any revisions. Due to general inbox fatigue, customers are sometimes unwilling to open the email. In this situation, work gets approved without their feedback or suggestions.

Scripted reviewed customer comments and found that clients got frustrated over missing these emails and the opportunity to request revisions. They couldn’t get important changes made, which created a situation where they weren’t 100 percent satisfied with the pieces delivered.

The content creation company needed a workaround to prevent churn and maintain its commitment to top-of-the-line content. The team couldn’t force customers to check their emails within that five-day period, so they needed another method to send reminders that were more likely to work.


Enter RingCaptcha. Scripted, looking for solutions to this issue, evaluated the possibility of adding SMS notifications to its workflow. Considering that SMS messages have an average open rate of 98 percent, this method allows the content creation company to overcome the hurdle of low email open rates, which average 22 percent industrywide.

Even if customers checked their emails, the signal-to-noise ratio in many people’s inboxes could make that an exercise in futility. If recipients don’t check their mail at the correct time, the first draft notification is lost to the depths of their inbox.

RingCaptcha offers several phone-based solutions for companies, such as its direct SMS platform, which allowed the company to move away from a reliance on email delivery. Scripted used the RingCaptcha SMS gateway to inform customers that their drafts were ready via SMS in real time. The gateway is integrated with the Scripted platform, so it works with the current workflow, rather than requiring major changes.

Clients now had more time to review the content they ordered. It’s difficult for writers to get everything exactly right when it’s the first time they’re working with a client. Even when the client offers extensive guidelines, a few changes here and there may be necessary to really nail the piece.

Since the clients knew exactly when the five-day review timer started ticking down, they could schedule their feedback sessions during convenient periods. The writers got the information they needed to make tweaks and revisions. This streamlined process also improved content delivery times, as the clients could get revision requests over to the writers faster.

The Results:

The results speak for themselves. Scripted GM Jake Kring happily reports that “RingCaptcha’s SMS gateway allows us to notify customers in real time. After integrating RingCaptcha, engagement on first-time pieces increased significantly. As a result, customer satisfaction soared.”

One of the trickiest parts of onboarding a new content creation client is the learning curve both the client and the writer encounter when first working together. With the help of first draft notifications that are more likely to be noticed by the client, Scripted improved the chances of customers using the revisions feature to have the writer smooth out any rough edges.

Scripted also benefits from having a backup notification channel in case the email server goes down, notification emails don’t go out for some reason, the client’s email provider goes down, or notification messages end up in the spam folder.

SMS notifications also reach clients while they are on the go and away from their computers. This mobility improvement helped further Scripted’s reputation as one of the top content creation platforms in the industry.

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