Using Ringcaptcha in onboarding mode is a new way to get users from your landing page directly to your app.


We thought startups, markerters and growth hackers needed a simple tool to get their potential users directly to their app in their mobile devices while verifying them in a single step. And that’s actually pretty simple now that RingCaptcha is around.

A few weeks ago we added some functionalities like deep-linking capabilities in our SDKs and a new JS plugins to allow you to convert desktop users to app downloads.

You may argue, “hey, I already have the app store buttons in my landing page. Can’t my users just look us up in the app store?” Well, yes, but how many times do you open the app store and find yourself getting lost downloading the newest trendy app?

When you launch on ProductHunt or HackerNews and drive massive desktop traffic, you don’t want to loose the one-chance opportunity to let the users discover your app. Remember users are lazy, they may leave your landing  or get lost in the messy app store.

Onboarding allows you to cut the noise of the messy app stores as they’re just one click away to your app — so the colorful distractions in your landing app or app stores won’t be an issue.

How does onboarding actually work?  When your users find your landing page, they enter their cell phone number, and they’re sent a link via SMS that goes directly to your app. Then they simply click, download your app and get verified by RingCaptcha’s software developer kitSDK.

To sum up: Onboarding increases your conversion rate by simplifying the process of downloading your app; it drives traffic from web to mobile while allowing you to build a more trustworthy community. The cool thing is that It takes users from their desktop to their mobile device in seconds, giving them fast and immediate access to begin using your application.

Really, it’s that easy:

  1. Users who are on your app’s landing page decide they want to download the app, and enter their cell phone number.
  2. Even if they miss a digit on their cell phone, our normalization process will fix their number in accordance with global standards — and quickly sends them the text message.
  3. The user will then receive a link that, when pressed, will go directly to your app.
  4. After the customer types in the four-digit code given, boom — the user gets verified.

For more information about you can drive massive traffic from web to mobile, increase your conversions and how to implement it in your landing page, give RingCaptcha a try.


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