If you’re not using missed-call verification as part of your user verification process then you’re doing it wrong. Although missed-call verification is only available for Android users, Android operating system smartphones hold a whopping 87% share of the global market, and this number is only expected to increase over the coming years.

OTP is great, but it shouldn’t be your only form of user verification. Since we think missed-call verification is essential to your business, we’re going to break down what it is, how it works and, why, when combined with OTP it can save you money and win you verified leads.

Table of Contents

  • What exactly is missed-call verification and how does it work?
  • Why you should be using missed-call verification
  • How to add missed-call verification to your user verification process
  • Bottom Line

What exactly is missed-call verification and how does it work? 

Missed-call verification is an easy way to verify a mobile device through a missed call to the user’s phone. The concept is pretty simple –

  1. The user enters their phone number during the in-app verification process.
  2. A call is made to the number entered in order to verify the user.

This all happens through a phone number verification technology that utilizes a missed-call phone verification API. It works by placing a call to the phone through the missed-call phone verification API, intercepting the call and verifying the phone number with the API before the user has time to even answer the call. It’s a touch-free verification process for the user, only requiring them to enter their phone number during the initial sign-up process–no PIN entry required!

Should the end user’s phone not be able to be verified by missed-call, there’s a fallback function that proceeds to verify the phone number by SMS and then voice OTP.

Why you should be using missed-call verification  

  • Reduces User Verification Costs: Anyone who is familiar with voice/SMS providers knows that rates are apt to change on a monthly, weekly, even daily basis and that the cost per SMS can be quite high in specific geographies. Since missed-call verification works by placing a call that lasts < 1-second the associated costs are also a fraction of the price of OTP.
  • Seamless User Experience: Since the user is verified by a missed call made to their phone, no further action is required from the user for verification!
  • Eliminates Possibility of Incorrect OTP Input by User: It happens! Missed-call verification utilizes a touch-free technology for phone verification, eliminating the need for any user interaction after they have entered their phone number. Reducing friction in the verification process means more verified users.
  • Eliminates False Leads and Accounts: No one wants bogus accounts. Using missed-call verification ensures the phone numbers provided by users actually exist and is in their possession. This stops people from opening accounts using fake phone numbers and ensures organic users with a valid way to contact them.

How to add missed-call verification to your user verification process

We recommend using RingCaptcha’s Android SDK, BLINK–missed-call verification is already built into the SDK! Check out their video here to see how easy it is to integrate their SDKs. It takes just 2 minutes! 

If you wish to use missed-call verification without using RingCaptcha’s SDK, you can call their missed-call verification API directly. Sign up for RingCaptcha now or write to the support team at support@ringcaptcha.com for more information. 

Bottom Line

Missed-call verification is an extra verification method that can be easily integrated into your current user verification process. It’s a cost-effective phone verification alternative to OTP and when used properly, it can reduce the cost of phone number verification. It is not a stand-alone verification method. It works best when it is set as the primary verification method to reduce cost, but has an automatic fallback to SMS/voice in case the number is not properly verified.


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