Most companies try to eliminate friction from their funnel. UXPin, a no-code SaaS tool, instead decided to add friction in order to reduce false leads. Why? Because they committed to a ‘leave no lead behind’ ethos. 

Company: UXPin


Business: Collaborative UX Design Tool, Project Management


UXPin is not your average prototyping tool for linking static screens or artboards with transitions. Instead, it gives you everything needed to design prototypes that work like they’re the finished product. How? Because when you are done designing, it can be merged into whatever code you need – instantly. No more development needing to replicate a PSD file in your content management system. You can plug the design right in. 

The Problem: Too Many Leads For Finite Resources

As a well known and reputable company, UXPin’s sign-ups were exceeding 2,000 new trial accounts per week. Their sales team was struggling to identify the right trailers to reach out to which was resulting in lost conversions from trial to paid. They needed a way to reduce false leads in their funnel so that their sales team could effectively manage the large number of incoming trailers. 

They considered expanding their salesforce but quickly realized that they first needed to reduce false leads in order to improve lead quality, then they could identify what percent of trailers warranted a sales touch. 

They were wary of making a change to their funnel that might result in deterring truly interested prospects so they decided to start with one simple change–user verification.


Enter RingCaptcha. UXPin, looking for solutions to their issue, evaluated the possibility of adding a user verification layer to all of their trail sign-up forms. The added layer would require any user that signed up for a trial account to enter their phone number and verify it via a One Time Password sent to the number entered, once the user had been verified their trial account would be provisioned. 

Considering that OTP messages have an average success rate of 99 %, this method of user verification ensured that the added layer wouldn’t block an interested user from signing up for a trial, yet would deter false leads who didn’t want to share a verified contact method. 

RingCaptcha offers several phone-based solutions for companies, such as its phone number identity and verification platform. UXPin used the RingCaptcha Phone Number Verification gateway to verify new users in real-time. The gateway is integrated with UXPin’s platform, so it works with the current workflow, rather than requiring major changes. The total integration time and set up was under 15 minutes.

The Results

The results speak for themselves. UXPin’s Director of Operations, Bart Macdonald, happily reports that “RingCaptcha’s verification gateway allows us to verify users in real-time. After integrating RingCaptcha, we saw a 50% reduction in false leads and greatly improved lead quality.’ 

Adding RingCaptcha to their sign-up workflow massively improved the yield and morale of UXPin’s small but mighty salesforce. They now have a way to prioritize the higher quality accounts and let marketing automation nurture the remainder.

As for sales conversion rates, qualitatively they know that removing the white noise has helped to increase their sales cycle.  Their sales team is connecting with leads faster and the reduction of false leads is allowing their sales reps to spend more time where it matters–with the highest quality leads.


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