One of RingCaptcha’s most popular plugins is our WooCommerce Plugin. So much so that when you google ‘woocommerce phone verification’, the top 3 results point to our plugin 🙂

What does the plugin do?

The plugin enables your WooCommerce store to verify a shopper’s phone number instantly during the checkout process, without any coding required, bringing two immediate values. Verified phone numbers:

  • Ensure smooth delivery due to delivery service having a verified phone number for the customer. This is especially important for cash-on delivery transactions, which are popular in countries like India, Japan, United Arab Emirates, etc.
  • Enable superior shopping experience with timely notifications about the fulfillment and delivery of the items.

You can get tips on how to create a more engaging shopping experience with SMS here.

RingCaptcha and the WooCommerce Community

With the goal of helping owners of e-commerce companies to be more successful, the RingCaptcha team in Tokyo headed to our first ever WooCommerce Tokyo Meetup. It was organized by Shohei Tanaka, who is a professional WooCommerce developer, and he has also contributed to WooCommerce development.

WooCommerce is a strong advocate of open-source and frowns upon commercial activities in its meetup, but nevertheless, we were welcomed to the meetup to share the values phone number verification can bring to the WooCommerce community while adhering to the guidelines about commercial activities.

We had a lively discussion about:

  • The necessity of verified phone numbers for delivery: The attendees felt that this is especially important for customized purchases and expensive goods; the former if not delivered usually cannot be resold, while for the latter a mis-delivery results in a high replacement cost
  • Timely SMS notifications for a great shopping experience: in Japan, the popular chat app LINE has permeated the lives of many and it has been used as a tool for engaging customers, thus the sentiment among the attendees is that using SMS for notifications may not be as crucial. However, it has been shown that for timely events like delivery, SMS may yet be the choice of notification.

Although the views of the attendees were just a small sample size of the entire WooCommerce community in Japan, their feedback is a useful first step for us to understand how to help the local community to be more successful in their e-commerce ventures.

We want to thank the WooCommerce Tokyo organizers, especially Shohei Tanaka for a warm welcome at the meetup, and we definitely encourage anyone with an interest in WooCommerce to attend the meetup as the attendees were very open and very helpful.


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