When operating a web service, we have all at one time or another received the dreaded email from Stripe or our payment gateway that there is a dispute on a payment, which we often have to end up bearing. Read on to find out how our customers has mitigated this, and a host of other issues by using RingCaptcha.

We recently sent out a survey to all of our customers in the e-commerce space. Below are the questions we asked and the results of the survey.

1) What is the biggest problem you are facing when it comes to running an e-commerce market?

RingCaptcha Ecommerce Survey

Not surprisingly, Cash on Delivery order issues and credit card fraud are the most common problems our customer face when running their online stores. Thankfully, RingCaptcha helps our customers eliminate these issues considerably.

Site traffic is a recurring issue for customers, especially those relatively new businesses. Bot traffic is an issue we have seen more and more companies come to us about. Thankfully, by phone verification, our custom bot alerts, and using Google’s reCAPTCHA can help mitigate bot attacks significantly.

Some survey comments:

Your website allows us to completely block out countries that are at a high fraud risk as well as deter potential fraudsters that aren’t able to bypass the extra step of phone verification. Using RingCaptcha has almost completely eliminated the fraudulent orders on our website.”

“Our biggest problem, until recently, was users signing up for multiple accounts in order to avail of our offer for first-time purchases. Thankfully, verifying phone numbers during sign up has gotten rid of this problem for us.”

2) Why did you start using phone number verification?

RingCaptcha Ecommerce Survey

A significant number of our customers operating in the Middle East and India offer Cash on Delivery at checkout. If their customer isn’t at home or is uncontactable at the time of delivery, the purchased goods cannot be delivered, resulting in lost revenue and the hassle of dealing with returned goods.

For customers operating mainly in the US and Europe, their main reason for verifying phone numbers was to mitigate credit card fraud and fake orders – two of the most common issues faced in e-commerce.

Some survey comments:

As I rely solely on Cash on Delivery as a payment method for my store, I have to be sure that the order will be successfully delivered in order to complete the transaction. The best way to do this is to verify the customer’s number during checkout.

We started using the service because of credit card fraud. We were constantly experiencing chargebacks and fraud from customers using stolen credit cards or hacked Paypal accounts. Adding the extra step of phone verification with RingCaptcha has almost completely eliminated fraud from our website.

3) How important do you think it is to send SMS notifications to customers?

RingCaptcha Ecommerce Survey

An overwhelming majority of our customers view SMS notifications as an essential part of operating an e-commerce business. We know and understand the values of updating your customers by SMS, but we were surprised that such a large amount saw this as an essential part of running their business.

Some survey comments:

I think it can be extremely helpful. Email inboxes are becoming increasingly crowded and SMS is a great way to deliver your message to your customer.

One of the most important things. This is a basic service for e-commerce businesses.

4) What made you choose RingCaptcha?

RingCaptcha Ecommerce Survey

Although this wasn’t the goal of the survey (really!!), we were delighted to see that our customers value the hard work that our Support & Success team put in every day. Great customer support and success is key to every business, regardless of industry, and we here at RingCaptcha pride ourselves on always providing excellent support and service to our customers.

So there you have it, we hope you gained some insight into the wonderful world of e-commerce, the problems faced, and the value phone number verification provides to online businesses.

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