Unbounce plays a big part in the growth of RingCaptcha.

We’re constantly coming up with new ideas, use cases, branding, etc., and when we’re deciding if we should implement one of these, we always end up asking the same question – will potential customers like it?

We also love data and, more importantly, making decisions based on data. That’s why, whenever we have an idea, we create an Unbounce page, test it by sending traffic its way, gather the data, and then review it. If the test has had a positive outcome, great we’ll implement it. If not, oh well – we tested it but it wasn’t to be!

Testing Ideas with Unbounce Landing Pages

During the RingCaptcha signup process, users are asked for their phone number. Our Sales team aims to call all new users within 5 minutes of them signing up. However, people, in general, can be cautious about giving out their real phone numbers and don’t tend to unless they have to.

For a couple of weeks during our weekly meeting, our Sales team raised the issue of an increase in the number of incorrect phone numbers – they were either invalid numbers or the number given did not belong to the person who signed up.

We discussed the possibility of adding our own widget to our signup form to verify the phone numbers. We were unsure if this would be off-putting for new users as this would likely deter non-genuine signups, which saves a lot of time dialing and following up on these false leads but on the other hand, it may also put off some real potential customers. Being a data-driven company, to resolve this quandary, we tested this out on our Unbounce pages.

At the time, we were testing four different landing pages on Unbounce, none of which required phone number verification during signup. We added a variation to each page and split the traffic so that half would go to the page with phone verification and half to the other page without phone verification.

Below is one of our landing pages, and the variant created.

Unbounce verified sales leads
Signup Form without Verification
Unbounce verified sales leads
Signup Form with Verification

We sent traffic to these four landing pages and their variants until we were satisfied that we had collected a big enough sample size. Our Sales team documented in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system whether the number they rang had been verified or not, and whether the user was a qualified lead or not. A qualified lead, in this case, was classed as a lead that was genuinely interested in using our service. The results can be seen in the table below.

Variant A = No phone number verification during sign up.

Variant B = Phone number verification during sign up.

Unbounce verified sales leads


We had some interesting findings in our results. The number of qualified leads remained pretty constant for both variants. This was reassuring as it meant that genuine leads weren’t put off from signing up when they were asked to verify their phone number.

The best finding and result from this test was the significant decrease in the number of signups in Variant B. Usually, every company wants more signups, right? But as you will see, more signups are not always a good thing!

With the number of qualified leads remaining constant, these results show that using our phone verification widget during signup deters signups who aren’t genuinely interested in using our service.

This is a habit I think we’re all guilty of (yes, you included :P) – signing up for a company that we don’t ever intend to use, but are just curious about how its service works or what it does! Think of the time an Account Executive from that company spends trying to contact you (they say there should be a minimum of 6 attempts before giving up on a lead!). Now, taking our test above as an example, think of that wasted time and multiply it by 135 (extra number of non-qualified leads in Variant A: [423-236] – [291-239]) – that is the amount of time Account Executives in our company wasted trying to get in contact with these ‘leads’.

What did we learn?

Our learnings from this test are that it’s not about the number of signups you get, it’s about the number of qualified signups. We have shown that by verifying phone numbers during signup, you can remove a large proportion of the unwanted signups, allowing your Sales teams to be more efficient and focus more of their time nurturing the genuine leads that sign up!

You’ve now seen how we use RingCaptcha on Unbounce. Are you using Unbounce? Interested in your Sales teams spending their time more efficiently? Contact us now to get phone verification added to your sign up process in minutes – support@ringcaptcha.com

PS – RingCaptcha doesn’t just work on Unbounce, we can have it live on your website in as little as 90 seconds 😉


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